Sticker sheets

Quality stickers sheets with your artwork and your layout available in two different sizes.

  • Buy a single sheet or get a bulk discount
  • Premium sticker sheets laminated for extra durability and extra strong glue.
  • No limits of how many or how big individual stickers you want – as long as they fit!
  • Layout freely within the sheet size (just follow our templates to ensure it works out)
  • Material

    • Premium glossy are laminated for extra durability and super strong glue.
    • Premium matte is popular option stickers with illustrations, drawn artwork and any design which you want to some depths too and no glare.
    • Basic stickers made for short-term use, give-aways and throw-ups.



    • 9 €
    • 16 €
    • 22 €
    • 36 €
    • 58 €
    • 105 €
    • 130 €
    • 180 €
    • 240 €
    • 290 €
    • 360 €
    • 12 €
    • 25 €
    • 39 €
    • 69 €
    • 115 €
    • 195 €
    • 250 €
    • 290 €
    • 325 €
    • 390 €
    • 445 €


    Approved files: jpg, png, pdf, ai, eps.

    • (max file size 200 MB)

Good to know

All our printed stickers are produced on modern digital printers in CMYK+ and then precision cut on flatbed cutters. We offer two quality types of sticker and both qualities are Water- and UV-resistant. The premium version adds lamination and protects against scratching, fading and also adds to the lifespan of the sticker for up to 3-5 years. We also carry special materials for highly demanding stickers like chrome and heavy-duty versions.


  • Freely design your sticker sheet layout for best usage of the space, just remember to check our templates to ensure a sweet product.
  • Upload your sticker design in vector or high resolution, 300 dpi minimum.
  • Keep the aspect ratio 1:1
  • Use our templates to ensure the best result here and get correct bleed, margin and cut.
  • Design based on viewing distance. Small details can get lost at a distance.

Looking for special material stickers?

Our die-cut stickers come in 3 different varieties and options depending on your needs.

  • Basic quality stickers are the good ol’ cheap fun stickers. They’re great for throw-ups, short-term usage and give-aways and won’t break the bank. These stickers do not come with laminate but can still take a beating outdoors but they are meant for short term usage for between 1-3 years depending on usage and placement.
  • The High-quality stickers combines high-quality vinyl with extra strong adhesive and topped of with a clear glossy laminate. This makes them excellent for outdoor usage with extra UV-protection and they will stick to basically anything.
  • A third option is the matte laminate sticker, which is a matte version of the high-quality sticker. Same great vinyl with extra strong glue but adds the matte effect, perfect for illustrations, artwork and any design which you want to add effect to.

Did you know – We have more materials at hand for your awesome stickers, how about exklusive chrome- or gold chrome stickers, heavy-duty stickers or even banners and roll-ups.

We aim to please and if there’s a specific size you want or a select quantity (or even custom materials) we will do our best to help out. Just get in touch with us at our contact page and let us know what we can do.