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You design your own sticker of your preferred taste. We have produced stickers and decals based on everything from vector files to uploaded photos and scanned drawings.

There’s a few things to keep in mind though to make sure you get the best quality sticker:

  • Make sure you upload a good quality artwork – vector files are to be preferred but if using raster images use a minimum of 300 dpi resolution.
  • If you want total control, use one of our templates as a guideline because that way you can see how we place margins, bleed and cut lines.
  • Some stuff looks great on the screen but less good in print, this is especially true for really small details, fonts and such so keep that in mind.
  • Rasterise fonts before uploading to guarantee the end product looks like you want.
  • Color matching is tricky – we print everything in CMYK so if possible create your artwork in the same color space.
  • Upload your artwork when you order your preferred sticker, choose material, size, quantity and finish. You can always email us your artwork later if you want.
  • Last thing is to approve the proof you get from us – this is to ensure that the artwork, bleed and cutlines look like you want, it is also the final OK we require from you to start the print process (please note that once printed we do NOT accept returns or refunds since these stickers will be custom made for you and can’t be re-sold to re-used).

No. Simple answer.

We decided to not require a minimum because we like the freedom to choose. It should be pointed out though that we offer a sweet discount as soon as you add a few pieces and that a single sticker is quite expensive to make so we recommend doing a few to not make your friends jealous.

For most cases vector graphics are to be preferred. It scales indefinitely and all colors can be separated and controlled to a better degree than with raster images.

Raster images does work though but one thing to keep in mind is that small images will never be good quality prints. Make sure your image files are 300 dpi minimum and high res.

We aim to produce your sticker as quick as possible and we work as fast as we can. Normal procedure is between 7-14 days in most EU countries granted that the design and proof is approved. If there’s a rush to get your stickers made we also have a express method available.

For international orders we try our best to keep the same time fram but customs and long distances might add some days to this process.

Basically with our express shipping we rush your order. We don’t push other jobs aside but what it entails is basically that we print after hours and for that we also charge a little extra. Express shipping is delivered between 3-5 days in most EU countries and 3-7 days internationally. Shipping dates are based on approved design proofs.

We try and be as fast as we can and you usually have your proof within a few days tops.

For a couple of reasons we require you to approve the design before we print it:

  1. This way you make sure the artwork looks like you want it.
  2. You see and get to change or approve how cut lines are placed.
  3. We know that you are happy with the mockup and we both agree to produce based on this layout.

The 3rd step is extra important since once the print process starts we do not accept cancellations, refunds or returns of the produced stickers. This is not because we’re being difficult but because we simply can’t re-sell or re-use custom graphic orders so please make sure to approve it mindfully, carefully and happily!

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No. Once you approve the sticker design we start printing and we can no longer abort your order (and since this is a custom order it can’t be refunded).

If for example you realize you uploaded the wrong artwork then please get in touch with us as fast as possible. Head to the support page and email us asap.

You can also email us the correct artwork together with your order details and your notes and lastly you can change your artwork in the proof process.

We don’t add elements to your design on a normal basis. We do have a special section available to larger orders that we can do design work together with so please get in touch if you require this from our support page.

We recommend downloading our templates to get a sense for how we use margins, bleed and different cut-lines. Check out the templates here.

You’re free to email us later although it is recommended to upload it with the order (or as soon as possible) to give you the fastest service we can offer.

We accept high-res JPG/JPEG, PNG, EPS, PDF, AI.

You can – but you probably don’t want to.

Thing is, low-res images will look crap once printed and not very cool. Low resolution images, say, download from the web is usually 72dpi and unless printed really, really small in size will look blurry and horrible.

If you really want it then go ahead – upload – approve the proof – and don’t complain.

CMYK is basically the wonderful language of color for prints. A computer screen shows colors in RGB so colors WILL vary when comparing from your screen to the final sticker. If this is really important to you please be aware that we do not color proof or do spot colors on regular jobs.

You can find our downloadable templates here.

Kiss-cut is cutting through the vinyl top of the sticker, but not through the backing paper on the back. For example, let’s say you have a round sticker that you put on a square design. The round sticker can then be peeled off from the square.

Die-cut is the opposite. Here we cut through everything and there is no “square” area left. It is only the circle and you can’t peel if from a anything except the backing paper (which is cut to the same shape).

Think of it like one version is like a sticker inside a sticker and the other one is cut to shape and made individually.

You sure can! We offer both regular chrome (mirror/silver) and gold chrome versions. We make it on a really premium weather-resistant vinyl and strong adhesive. Our chrome range works best die-cut and one thing to keep in mind that all white color in your design will be “replaced” with the chrome surface instead.

On top of this you should also know that all colors in your design will be semi-transparent since the chrome will shine through!

Yes! We offer gold chrome and silver chrome. Both versions are made from premium vinyl and comes with a really strong adhesive.

Our chrome range works best die-cut and one thing to keep in mind that all white color in your design will be “replaced” with the chrome surface instead.

On top of this you should also know that all colors in your design will be semi-transparent since the chrome will shine through!

Head on over to the support page and request a special quote and we will be happy to help and get back to you for your special projects!

Yes, and no.

Every step up to where you actually approve the design proof is free to cancel your order anytime, no hard feelings!

But once you approve the design proof we start printing your artwork and since it is a custom work we’re doing we can’t return, re-sell or re-fund the order.

We’re based in Sweden which is based in the EU and unfortunately we don’t have any good deals shipping outside of EU.

Basically we managed to get a good deal on a certain type of packages and weight, this allows for MOST of our regular orders to land inside those levels but for other types of products we’re basically screwed and thus we need to charge for shipping (but we try and keep it low!)

It all depends on the choose product, we have different levels for say stickers than for posters and banners but we always try and keep costs down and we haggle with our shipping partners as often as we can for new and better deals.

It’s not nice to ask for free stuff so that is a paradox so no.

It is really nice to be helpful and we are certainly keen on listening to your suggestion!

Basically we are print junkies. We love to print stuff and since we’re working with a lot of talented artists we had a lot of requests for promotional items that would work well in shops, studios, tattoo fairs and such so we decided to offer quality banners and roll-ups.

We have two qualities we offer when it comes to art prints, a high quality 230 gsm paper that puts most regular paper to shame. It’s a semi-matte paper with tight fibers and a really good finish that we love. It is absolutely a great bang-for-the-buck deal.

Then we have Hahnemüele.

Hahnemüele is one of the, if not the greatest and most sought-after paper manufacturer in the world and their paper is top of the line, not just in the look and the feel but longevity. With the Hahnemüele Photo Rag for example you get a world class 308 gsm, 100% matte cotton paper meeting the highest standards in color gamut, color density, graduation and sharpness. Simply put, it’s the bomb.
(and really silly info, it feels great to pick up and hold)

We print both paper versions with high-quality Canon printers using waterbed inks and matte black to create a stunning result.

Our banners are perfectly fine for outdoor use and so is the roll-up fabric. However the roll-up mechanics is not ideal to put outdoor due to moving parts, the occasional risk of rust and such if used in prolonged times in rain.

We choose to offer a better price of the printed canvas with your art and then offer you the wonderful freedom of mounting your own pictures in any frame you find and choose.

That, and also that shipping becomes so much easier with tubes.

In accordance with Swedish/EU laws you can return any faulty product and we will of course refund it if we screwed up anywhere. One thing to keep in mind though is that on custom works with your custom artwork we do not accept returns.

We aim to please and we aim to always deliver the correct amount you ordered and for the very most times we do – and sometimes we even over-delivery but in the few occasions we mess up please get in touch with us and we will see what we can do.

A regular print order and “normal” levels of fluctuation is often around 5-10% and although we try to keep that even lower it’s good info to know.

Vinyl lettering is non-printed decals – these are cut out from quality solid-color vinyl and then mounted to a lifting paper with a low level adhesive so you can “lift” the letters from the backing paper and then apply it to the surface of your choice.

Super common use for say, windows, cars, wall graphics and such. Fairly advanced shapes can be cut but solid elements look better in our opinion. We currently offer two color options for cut vinyl, solid white and black.

We currently offer two solid colors; white and black.

All our cut vinyl graphics and letters come pre-mounted on a lifting paper.

It basically looks like this: lifting paper on top, vinyl cut out decal in the middle and backing paper on the bottom. You then lift the lift paper and make sure the vinyl follows up and breaks apart from the backing paper. You then choose something nice to put it on, put some pressure on the vinyl through the lifting paper and carefully remove the lifting paper, leaving your awesome design on its new home!

Still not satisfied?

Ask us almost anything over at support!