We've been sticker fans for a long-long time and ever since childhood we've marveled and collected various stickers. Along the way we started with digital printing and although most of our childhood stickers probably where screen printed with questionable inks we've opted fully for a digital print process, getting to enjoy more colors and variations but still maintaining a good price point!

Materials & Short glossary

Quality Vinyl Media and Laminate
We print on quality vinyl made for outdoor usage so it can withstand weather, rain and shine. We actually offer two versions, one with standard adhesive and one even higher quality vinyl with extra strong adhesive for that extra touch. On top of that we laminate the high quality version in one of two variants, glossy laminate or matte laminate according to your preferences.

Chrome is another favorite of ours since it’s an instant eye-catcher! It’s thick and really, really shiny and comes in two variations; chrome/mirror and gold chrome. When drawing your chrome or gold chrome stickers keep in mind that all “white” color will be transparent and instead the chrome or gold chrome color will shine through instead. Also worth noting is that colors will be “chromy” aka the chrome will be visible through any color we apply.

Glossy laminate
Most of our pro stickers (or high quality stickers) are made with a glossy laminate on top. This adds extra protection and durability as well as adds a little bit of extra stiffness to the feel of the sticker, an added bonus for nostalgic people like us!

Die-cut stickers

Matte laminate
Depending on artwork a matte finish can add that extra level of creativity to your work. Illustrations match extra fine with a matte laminate and on top of adding weather protection, durability and even more stiffness it also adds a glare-free result.

Die-Cut vs Kiss-Cut
Not a material per say but we get plenty of questions wondering what these two terms are. To keep it simply, kiss-cut is when we cut out your sticker only to the backing paper but don’t cut through it fully. Best example would be sticker sheets on which you can add multiple different shapes and sizes, kiss-cut these out and then die-cut the actual sheet. This way you peel off the individual stickers from the sheet.

Die-cut, as pointed to in the sticker sheet example is the opposite – it’s when we fully cut out the sticker through the whole thing (including the backing paper) and you have no extra residue or borders to separate. These are custom shapes that follows your artwork and our most popular option. All our die-cuts are made with a very expensive, large, somewhat-scary and very precise flatbed cutting machine (we don’t trust plotters…)!